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Michl Zirk - english - Catholic theologian, no priest - translator Spanish, doctors degree in Spanish literatureMichl Zirk - español - Teólogo católico, no cura - traductor castellano - doctorado en literatura espanola
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Michl Zirk

Catholic theologian (no priest!), translator (Spanish), doctor’s degree in Spanish literature.
Lives near Nuremberg (Germany). During a lot of years work as dramatic adviser in theatre. Storyteller since 1998.
He tells stories of all types
- fairy-tales
- magic-tales
- sufi-tales
- zen-tales
- Greek Myths
- short stories as well as
- stories from the bible or the “decamerone”.

He tells in the story-telling tradition, without a fixed text, but with gesture and mimic art.
He tells as well for children as for adults.
Since 1998 he organizes storytelling projects and festivals.

He ran the “ErzählBühne” in Nuremberg, which was the first center of the art of storytelling in Germany.

He was invited to a lot of festivals abroad.

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